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Writing Sample: Sell Sheet February 19, 2007

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slantly_brochure1Selections from a sell sheet made to entice publishers to utilize Slantly, an online marketing tool

What is Slantly?

Slantly is a revolutionary new product that helps engage your readers and quantify their emotions. Slantly is built upon the known fact that news drives opinions and that expressing and sharing opinions connects consumers with your news. The most advanced commenting integration tool for user-generated content on the market, Slantly collects content in the form of user comments, polls and arguments. Content can be measured and aggregated to better understand your target market and to help consumers connect with their peers and their local communities…

How Slantly Can Help Your Company

Slantly can stimulate debate on topics at the local, regional and national levels. The ability to host discussions on topics “close to home” makes it an ideal tool for local media publishers, as it enhances the sense of community they seek to cultivate. Slantly offers publishers community relevancy with any size audience, increasing user engagement, the level of interaction with content, and time spent on sites. Additionally, Slantly helps publishers grow profits by attracting traffic and increasing value for advertisers.

Capture their opinions, take their vote, and engage them in debate – your readers are sure to come back for more!